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Jun 11, 2019

We return to our team of ninjas at the capital of Daiwa who have been caring for victims of the Engineer and the Executioner.  More information comes to light as Arata visits and discusses the future plans of actions for the team….



Chelsey Broussard as Onishi Taya
Kevin Broussard as Tanimura Kinnojo

Apr 11, 2019

Our heroes reunite to discuss how to handle the innocent civilians there at the temple and seek out aid. Meanwhile, Makoto begins the arduous task of mending their broken bodies and countering the nefarious poison that threatens them all!


Chelsey Broussard as Onishi Taya
Kevin Broussard as Tanimura...

Mar 10, 2019

Our ninjas are back after defeating their foes and must now deal with the aftermath of the Engineer's diabolical marionette device. Plus, one of his journals is found giving new insight to the Empire's plans. Find out how our team reacts and determines what they must do next.


Chelsey Broussard as Onishi...

Feb 10, 2019

Welcome back to The Wooden Dojo - our hiatus continues, but we'll be back to the action in March! For now, our storyteller, John, answers a few questions! If you have any questions regarding the podcast, The Wooden Dojo, or the Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via any of the...

Jan 14, 2019

Welcome back to The Wooden Dojo - we are on a brief hiatus this month, but don’t worry our ninjas will return to thwart the Empire’s plans....

In the meantime, we have a special interview with another member of the team who created The Ninja Crusade 2nd Edition, Danielle DeLisle!  Danielle has been a writer in the...